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About The Crystal Group

Mazen El Zein
Chief Executive Officer

Message from the Founder

     Beirut has always been a hedonistic city, but it is also a city that never settles for the status quo, always yearning for more, always yearning for better. As citizens of this ever-evolving metropolis, we are no different and we felt it was time for Beirut to be taken to a new level of entertainment and luxury. The reason behind this is because no matter what the country has undergone politically, socially or financially, the ineffable spirit and drive to celebrate an evening, an event or even a moment has been a perpetual characteristic. In a nutshell, Lebanon is dubbed the multi-cultural Mediterranean metropolis.

     From this passion, our concepts were born. With experts from around the world, our team represents the global community, adding diversity and culture to our innovations while bringing a solid sense of professionalism, catering to all needs. We set up our concepts with two things in mind, creating and sharing true moments and becoming a landmark and not simply to ride out a wave or live out a fad.

     It was with this vision that we started expanding to neighboring countries and Europe. It allowed us to create, manage, operate and market new and existing outlets where the highest standards are to be maintained, regardless of the location. Our mission has and will always be to set the benchmark in standards.

     Today, after 8 years, Crystal Group continues to grow, as we evolve and develop to consistently open new doors and break new grounds and expanding businesses in the world. As a luxury operator, we guarantee to provide unwavering commitment to innovation and service excellence by leveraging unparalleled experience and world-class properties of restaurants, clubs, bars, waterfront Resorts and soon Boutique Hotels at gateway cities around the globe.

Mazen el Zein
Jad Matta
Managing Partner

Message from the Partner

     For over 15 years, Crystal Group has been bringing some of the most exciting and original concepts in nightlife and entertainment to the Middle East. We made our entrance onto the scene back in 1997 with Crystal and it hasn’t been a walk in the park.

     As Managing Partner at Crystal Group I’ve been directly involved in all the Group’s projects. From Crystal, Métis, Alcazar and Palais in Beirut to People in Dubai and now of course, Pier 7, I’m proud to be a part of this ever-growing company that has earned one of the most reputable track records in the region’s restaurant, bar and club industries.

     Our philosophy at Crystal Group is to never be afraid of change, to never back down from a new idea. As one of the region’s leaders in nightlife and entertainment, we always need to be ahead of the trends, being able to be the first to predict ‘the next best thing’. And so far, we have.

     Our success is due to our ongoing pursuit of excellence, continually aiming higher, forever moving forward.

     With that in mind, we invite you to stay tuned to find out what we have in store - not just for Lebanon, but also for the UAE and soon Europe.

Mazen el Zein
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